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Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Weeks Publix Totals

So here's my totals for this week @ Publix. I thought I would mention also that my food-storage is now at the point where I no longer need to buy my family any toiletries or household cleaners/supplies. So when I shop, it's just for sales that re-stock those items ) You may also notice I have not bought any fresh meats in some time. I also have over a 3 month supply in that area so I am trying to use some of it before I buy any more as meats should really only be kept for 3-4 months.
Here we go:
20 64oz gatorades
4 breyers oreo blasts icecream
2 margaritaville shrimp entrees
2 Freschetta frozen pizzas
2 oscar meyer lunchables w/fruit
1 carton of eggs
1 16oz. sour cream
2 marzetti simply dressed salad dressings
2 marzetti veggie dips
1 bag red seedless grapes
1 celery
1 bag baby carrots
1 bunch bananas
2 packs grape tomatoes
2 boxes kellogs fiberplus bars
2 sweet onions
6 gala apples
4 boxes duncin hines chocolate brownies
2 boxes cheeze-its
2 fig newton cookie thins
1 box bisquick
8 boxes kraft mac-n-cheese
4 small ziplock freezer bags
1 bag sun chips
1 bag pretzels sticks
3 boxes kellogs fruit loops
2 sweet baby rays bbq sauce
2 lawry's marinades
2 heintz ketchup bottles
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
1 bottle nailpolish remover
1 box toothpicks
1 bottle banana boat sunscreen
4 cartons florida natural oj
2 arnolds hotdog buns
2 arnolds hamburger buns

Total before store sales/coupons: $296.04
Total after store sales/coupons: $127.21 (what I paid)
Total Savings: $168.63

I thought it also worth mentioning that the actual value of coupons on this trip was only $66.85
This is a low coupon total for me, however i bought a lot of items this week without coupons. I am mentioning this b/c it's not always the amount of coupons you have, but how you are using them with the store sales that are going on that maximize your savings. Because of the items I chose to buy my in-store savings were $101.78! COMBINE that with $66.85 in coupons and you get a great savings of $168.63.

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