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Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding Coupons

Florida Today
Orlando Sentinel
Store ads
Online Sites

Coupon Printing Sites:
(These are sites you can visit to print coupons from your computer)

*You can also google the maufacturer or product name to find their official sites, and find coupons too.

*Most of these coupons will be maufacturer coupons but Target will have some of their “target web coupons” and Publix will also have some “store coupons” on their site. The first three listed will only have maufacturer coupons & special offers.

*On facebook.com you can type in the “search” area for different products and items, “like” their page and get coupons.

Coupon Matching Sites:
(These are sites that people have created to match up coupons to the stores ads for you. You can usually print these coupons right then unless it is matching a coupon from an insert that was in the paper. Sometimes the coupons are unavailable since they have been out for awhile so it is always best to try to find the coupons on your own BEFORE the ads come out, then use these sites to see the previewed ads & match your coupons to make your grocery list)
iheartpublix.com (matches coupons for Publix ads only)
southernsavers.com (matches coupons for several different stores)
savingwellspendingless.com (matches coupons for several stores)
totallytarget.com (matches coupons for target only)

Sites that have newsfeeds for new coupons/promotions/deals:
(These sites don't all match coupons but they do search for the deals for you. You can “like” most of them on facebook and then you will see updates from them in your newsfeed on your home page & never miss a deal)

*you can also subscribe to many maufacturer home pages and facebook pages to receive updates on promotions/coupons/deals. I know there are more then this too, but these are the main ones I use..

Free product samples sites:
(allows you to sign up & get free samples & coupons. It resets every few months so you can score more freebies & coupons)
Manufacturer Sites
Facebook Sites

Free $5/$25 purchase coupon:
(This site will allow you to sign up for their “smart shopper club” and automatically be able to print a $5/$25 coupon. This coupon is good at Publix and you can set your printer to print several of them. They do expire quickly so dont go overboard printing them. Also, refer 5 friends and get another coupon for each friend who signs up too! This also resets itself every few months allowing you to score more coupons)

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