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Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Use Your Coupons

What are your coupons saying?
1 per person per item: this mean one coupon may be used on each of those items you are buying

1 per person per transaction: This means the same as above. One coupon may be used per item of the same item. The transaction is the one item being scanned NOT your total bill.

1 per person only: This means that the manufacturer is only allowing ONE coupon per person NOT per transaction or item. If you are able to print more then one then the purchases will need to be made on separate visits.

1 per household: This means one coupon is being given for each house, not each member of the house. If you print a coupon like this using your info & then say your husbands so you do get two coupons, you will not be able to use them together. The purchases will have to be made separately.

$1/2: Know the value of your coupon. This tells you how much the coupon is for and how many items you will need to purchase to use it.

*Remember that YOU need to read & know what your coupons are saying! You do not want to get to the register & find out you have a cart full of stuff & planned to pay for them with coupons you read wrong. Also, the coupons are very specific and on them they say if they are not reedemed properly by the stores then the store WILL NOT get paid by the maufacturer. This is VERY important! If the stores don't get paid for the coupons they are going to not except them! Make sure YOU & THE STORES are getting their deals! And PLEASE... be honest!

Publix coupon policy:
There is a corporate policy in the works which will be in effect as of June 2011, the new policy will be store wide with the exception of competitor coupons your store excepts which will be posted in each store & will vary per store. This is according to the store I shop at (Publix @ Palm Crossings)

Per item:
2 Coupons per item will be excepted (any 2 combinations listed below)
(per item includes BOGO items)
1 manufacturer coupon
1 store coupon (meaning one of theirs)
1 competitor coupon

Be sure to check your store for who they consider competitors. Because you can use 2 total coupons “per item” and Publix often has BOGO items this means you can use 2 coupons on your “buy one” item and 2 coupons on your “get one” item. This is the MOST ideal way to shop & will save you the most money!!

Winn-Dixie coupon policy:
Has a corporate coupon policy.

Per item:
1 store coupon (theirs)
1 manufacturer coupon

They DO NOT take competitor coupons.Winn-Dixie also does BOGO deals so you can use 2 coupons on your “buy one” item and 2 coupons on your “get one” item. Winn-Dixie also has a Winn-Dixie shopping card, which is free, and in order to get their in-store sale prices you MUST have this card! To get the best deals ring your order, then at the end scan your card, and then give the cashier your coupons.

Wal-Mart coupon policy:
Has a corporate policy.

Per item:
1 store (theirs)
1 manufacturer
1 Competitor

They will also match sales prices if you bring them the ads. They DO NOT have BOGO deals.

Walgreens coupon policy:
Corporate coupon policy.
Per Item:
1 store (theirs)
1 Manufacturer

DO NOT take competitor coupons. They have great in-store coupons though & one coupon can usually be used for up to 3 items. They also often have coupons around the store, stapled in a stack by items on sale, that you can tear off and use. Certain items gain you RR for your next purchase. They will allow you to ring your items that gain RR first, get your RR coupons, and then ring your other items & use the RR on them.

CVS coupon policy:
Corporate policy. Has a “card” that is free but you must have in order to get their ads sales.

Per item:
1 manufacturer

CVS DOES NOT except competitor coupons. Certain items do earn you “extra bucks” to be used on your next purchase. They also allow you to ring your items that earn you money first to earn the money and then do a separate order to use the extra bucks on that purchase.

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