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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Target Deal on Raid Max Bug Barrier

Here's a GREAT deal at Target if you need bug spray!
Raid Max indoor/outdoor Bug Barrier Spray and
Raid Max indoor/outdoor Bug Barrier Refill
and get $5.00 Target Gift Card

They are having a sale on these items. Use your manufacturer coupons from Florida Today (not sure which insert they were in) to get this deal:

Raid Max indoor/outdoor Bug Barrier 30oz
on sale for $7.99
use $3/1 manf coupon
Pay $4.99

also buy..
Raid Max indoor/outdoor Bug Barrier Refill 30oz
on sale for $4.50
use $1/1 manf coupon
Pay $3.50

Total cost: $8.50 (for both)
Get Back: $5.00 GC
*It's like paying $3.50 for both!!!*

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Last Day of Month

Just a reminder that today is the last day of the month which means it's also the last day that many coupons will be available on: www.coupons.com, www.redplum.com, and www.smartsource.com

Then don't forget to check back with these same sites tomorrow, June 1st, as new coupons will be added and old ones reset again! Make sure you get your new coupons towards the first of the month before they run out!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Paper Coupon Insert Preview for the Year

Thanks to http://www.sundaycouponpreview.com/ they posted a schedule for the coupon inserts for the entire year!

Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule for 2011
2— (2) Smart Source (2) Red Plum and General Mill
9— Smart Source and Red Plum
16 — Proctor & Gamble
23 — Smart Source and Red Plum
30 — Smart Source and Red Plum


6 — Smart Source
13 — No Inserts scheduled (Valentine’s Day)
20 — Smart Source, General Mills and Procter & Gamble
27 — Smart Source and Red Plum

6— Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
13 — Smart Source and Red Plum
20 — Smart Source and Red Plum
27 — (2) Smart Source, Red Plum

3— Smart Source and Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
10 — Smart Source and Red Plum
17 — Smart Source and Red Plum
24 — No Inserts scheduled

1 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
8— Smart Source and Red Plum
15 — (2) Smart Source and Red Plum
22 — Smart Source and Red Plum
29 — No Inserts scheduled (Memorial Day)


5 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
12 — Smart Source
19 — Smart Source and Red Plum
26 — Smart Source and Red Plum

3 — No Inserts scheduled (Independence Day)
10 — Smart Source and Red Plum
17 — Smart Source
24 — Smart Source and Red Plum
31 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble

7 — Smart Source and Red Plum
14 — Smart Source and Red Plum
21 — Smart Source and Red Plum
28 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble

4 — No Inserts scheduled (Labor Day)
11 — Smart Source and (2) Red Plum
18 — Smart Source and Red Plum
25 — Smart Source and Red Plum

2 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
9 — Smart Source and Red Plum
16 — Smart Source and Red Plum
23 — Smart Source and Red Plum
30 — Smart Source and Red Plum

6 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
13 — Smart Source and Red Plum
20 — Smart Source and Red Plum
27 — No Inserts scheduled (Thanksgiving)

4 — Smart Source, Red Plum and Procter & Gamble
11 — Smart Source and Red Plum
18 — No Inserts scheduled (Christmas)
25 — Procter & Gamble

This will be helpful in knowing which papers you wanna stock up on! It would also be a great thing to copy & print to keep along with your inserts filed so you can use it as a reference.

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

This Weeks Publix Totals

So here's my totals for this week @ Publix. I thought I would mention also that my food-storage is now at the point where I no longer need to buy my family any toiletries or household cleaners/supplies. So when I shop, it's just for sales that re-stock those items ) You may also notice I have not bought any fresh meats in some time. I also have over a 3 month supply in that area so I am trying to use some of it before I buy any more as meats should really only be kept for 3-4 months.
Here we go:
20 64oz gatorades
4 breyers oreo blasts icecream
2 margaritaville shrimp entrees
2 Freschetta frozen pizzas
2 oscar meyer lunchables w/fruit
1 carton of eggs
1 16oz. sour cream
2 marzetti simply dressed salad dressings
2 marzetti veggie dips
1 bag red seedless grapes
1 celery
1 bag baby carrots
1 bunch bananas
2 packs grape tomatoes
2 boxes kellogs fiberplus bars
2 sweet onions
6 gala apples
4 boxes duncin hines chocolate brownies
2 boxes cheeze-its
2 fig newton cookie thins
1 box bisquick
8 boxes kraft mac-n-cheese
4 small ziplock freezer bags
1 bag sun chips
1 bag pretzels sticks
3 boxes kellogs fruit loops
2 sweet baby rays bbq sauce
2 lawry's marinades
2 heintz ketchup bottles
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
1 bottle nailpolish remover
1 box toothpicks
1 bottle banana boat sunscreen
4 cartons florida natural oj
2 arnolds hotdog buns
2 arnolds hamburger buns

Total before store sales/coupons: $296.04
Total after store sales/coupons: $127.21 (what I paid)
Total Savings: $168.63

I thought it also worth mentioning that the actual value of coupons on this trip was only $66.85
This is a low coupon total for me, however i bought a lot of items this week without coupons. I am mentioning this b/c it's not always the amount of coupons you have, but how you are using them with the store sales that are going on that maximize your savings. Because of the items I chose to buy my in-store savings were $101.78! COMBINE that with $66.85 in coupons and you get a great savings of $168.63.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sign Up Today at SnackPicks.com

Sign up today at www.snackpicks.com to print some great coupons, receive yummy recipes, and updates when new coupons are available!
This is one of my favorite sites to get coupon updates from.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts for 5/29/2011

Just a reminder there will not be any coupons in this Sunday's paper due to it being Memorial Day Weekend! So enjoy the time off with your family & remember those who have fought so hard for our country! Oh, and take this as an opportunity to get caught up on organizing those coupons!!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gatorade 64oz. Goes BOGO

Gatorade 64oz. bottles go BOGO @ $2.50 (for 2) starting 5/26/2011

That's only $1.25 EACH!!!!
And the 64oz. Bottle is the largest I believe you can buy!

There are no coupon match-ups for this deal but this is an amazing deal! I stock up like crazy on it. Honestly if I had an extra $100 to spend I would use it all on this deal! This will also be great for the kiddos this summer!

Here's the deal I am getting:

Gatorade 64oz Bottle BOGO $2.50
Purchase 20 Bottles @ $ 25.00
Use $5/$25 save-a-lot coupon
That's $20 for 20 Bottles!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Breyer's Ice Cream Deal @ Publix Starting Tomorrow

Here's one you don't wanna miss:

Starting 5/26/2011

Breyer's Ice Cream Blasts BOGO @ $5.99 (for 2)
Use $1.50/2 Target Coupon (from target.com)
and $1.50/2 Manf Coupon (from "like" on Breyers facebook page)
Final price each is $1.50!!

I'm not set up yet to post links to these coupons so let me know if you have any trouble locating them.

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

My CVS saving today

So, I normally don't splurge much on make-up, nail polish, those sort of things. But when my friend told me about the deal at CVS, which I posted about yesterday, I thought, "Hmmm, that might be a nice way to treat MYSELF to some goodies I wouldn't normally buy."

Here's what I got:
5 nail polishes
3 gallons of milk
1 pack candy (had to treat my son too)
1 box bottle liners

ALL for $20.00!!

The funny thing I always find about couponing is that most often your total after coupons comes to what it seems like it should be! But what you don't realize is that without coupons or the ECB this same order would have cost me $46.71 PLUS taxes!! I got half of my things for FREE! I LIKE that..A LOT!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Happy Report on iheartpublix.com

The "Happy Report" is one of my favorites posts on iheartpublix.com! The person who writes this report lives in an area where the new Publix sales actually start on Wednesday, rather than Thursday. So she goes through the store & finds unadvertised deals & coupon match-ups to post for everyone else to enjoy! It is really awesome & she does an excellent job at finding some of the best unadvertised deals & almost aways with coupons to match!
If you are having any trouble or have any questions please feel free to ask as the new sales start tomorrow! Hope you already have yur shopping list & coupons ready t go!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Revlon Nailpolish Deal @ CVS

My friend Lorena let me know about a great deal she got today at CVS. Running 5/22-5/28

$4.00 ECB when you buy
Revlon Nail Polish
Regular Price $4.99
-use $1/1 Manf coupon from SS 4/10

So pay $3.99 plus get $4.00 back!!
(There is a limit of 6 per person.)

Buy 6, using 6 coupons & pay $23.94
Get $24.00 back towards your next purchse!
It's like getting half your stuff FREE!

Watermelon Sweet Onion Salsa

Sweet & just a little spicy this watermelon salsa makes for a perfect summer side dish for any occassion. get your Red Seedless Watermelons on sale now at Publix for $4.99 each! (this sale continues next week as well)

2 C chopped seedless watermelon
3/4 C chopped sweet onion
3/4 C canned black beans, rinsed and drained
1/4 C chopped and seeded jalapeno chilies
1 large clove of garlic, finely chopped
1 TBS brown sugar
pinch of salt

Stir together all ingredients in a bowl. Refridgerate, covered, at least 1 hour to blend flavors. Stir before serving. Serve cold with Tortilla Scoops. For a decorative look slightly trim bottom of half the scooped out watermelon to create a flat bowl. Combine mixed ingredients into the scooped out watermelon! Enjoy!!

Health First Healthy Living Magazine

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Kids eat FREE at Chili's

Go to:
Sign up for their e-mail club to recieve GREAT coupons!
Right now they are offering a Kids 12 and under eat FREE coupon for up to (2) children per each paying adult!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kids Bowl FREE this summer

If you haven't heard already, children ages 18 and under bowl FREE EVERY DAY this summer in the months of June, July, and August! Be sure to register your children for some great family fun indoors on those HOTT summer days! Here's the link:


Also by registering with their e-mail club you will receive other great offers & coupons!

Trying, Trying, Trying

WOW...trying to set up a GREAT blog page, plus link it to a facebook page is really hard! (don't laugh, I'm old) This blog, though I am grateful I have something up to share, is a farrrrrr cry from what I want. And I am spending more time trying to put a "like" button on it than I am actually writing posts or even more important, finding spectacular deals to post about!! But hang in there with me, I am trying, trying, trying & I know we will get there. Just hopefully it's sooner then later ;)

In the meantime be sure to post any questions you have! No question is silly and if I don't have the answer I will find it for you!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Pre-view Upcoming Publix Ad

Head over to iheartpublix.com to see the upcoming Publix ad for 5/26-6/1. If you are new to couponing, this is the site I highly recommend for planning your Publix shopping trips. Have your coupons near-by, go through the ad and using your "shopping list" (available to print from a previous post in this blog) begin writing down the item(s) you are interested in purchasing, the correlating sales/coupons/prices/etc. Any coupons iheartpublix has listed that are underlined means that you can print them then (as long as there are still some available). And remember you can always print (2) coupons. Now your ready for your shopping trip for the sale that starts on Thursday! Post a comment here if you have any questions or need help!

The Less Extreme Couponer

Fresh ExpressFacebook Coupon

Get a great $1/1 Fresh Express bagged salad mix. "like" Fresh Express on Facebook to get your coupon. Remember you can print this twice. These go BOGO at Publix all the time so be on the look-out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Purex Coupon Giveaway

Okay, so one of the main reasons I started this blog is because I have saved SO much & have an awesome food-storage & well honestly, I just don't need that much anymore. I am still getting the same number of coupons each week from my wonderful neighbor so I am finding myself giving coupons away constantly! I continue to clip coupons for things I don't even use just so when I find a spectacular deal I can leave them in the store for other people. This week you may have seen a stack of $0.75 off any Colgate coupons left behind in Publix! ;) They are on sale for $1.99 so for those who found my little surprise got a good deal on toothpaste. I also gave a lady in line before me at Target a $3.00 off coupon for the Mossimo shirt she was buying which made it $5.00. She was happy & that made me VERY happy. I have found I love helping others save more then I love saving myself!

This weeks trip to Publix was spent half shopping & half talking to random people who came up to me to ask me about couponing! I am overwhelmed with the number of people who have been approaching me so I thought this way I can refer them to my blog rather then spending 5 minutes with all 10 people who approached me in the store! lol. Though I love the interaction, my husband was on children duty & always appreciates when my shopping trips are short. ;)

So, having said that I realized tonight when I bought my 8 bottles of Purex laundry soap for $0.89 that I still have 18 $1.00 off coupons left! Hmm, what to do, what to do! Ah ha...I shall give them away! I just started this blog yesterday morning and as of right now I have already had 101 viewers! To say thank you for making feel like my efforts are worth while I am going to give 2 people (9) $1.00 off Purex Laundry Soap coupons! All you have to do is be the first 2 people to comment to this post & they are YOURS!

Goodluck & Thank you for everyones support!

Kellog's Passport to Adventure

It's your chance to pick up specially marked boxes of Kellogg's® products, enter your codes online and you're off to the races for Awesome Stuff! Here's the site to get started:

Go to Register/Login to get started!

1. Collect
codes printed inside your favorite specially marked Kellogg’s® products.

2. Enter
each unique 16-digit code into your account – for each code you enter, you'll receive one point.

3. Redeem
points from your account for your choice of great stuff inspired by Disney*Pixar CARS 2.

Shop for your favorite Kellogg's® products marked with the Kellogg's® Passport to Adventure Program and enter codes soon! Visit the FAQ for additional details.

$0.98 Purex Laundry Soap

CVS Purex 25-33 loads laundry soap is on sale for $1.98 (regular price is $5.99) Use the $1.00 off manufacturers coupon to make them only $0.98 cents each! I bought the Natural Blend which is 33 loads to maximize the deal. There is a limit of 4. But my store just let me ring two seperate orders so I was able to purchase 8 of them. This is a great stock-pile price even if it is the small sized bottle. 264 loads of laundry for $8.00 is not too shabby! :) Oh, and if you caught my earlier post about being able to purchase Sundays sales on Saturday night then you will be sure to score this great deal before they are all gone!

This Week's Publix Savings

I was excited about ths weeks savings! Keep in mind I have a stock-pile now so I am mostly shopping for fresh produce, meats and things to add to my food-storage :) So if you don't see your everyday items on here, it's because I probably have them in stock :)

6 Juicy Juice 64oz bottles
6 Juicy Juice 6pack juice boxes
12 Arm & Hammer 6oz toothpaste
4 Orville Red popcorn
1/4lb. deli Jalapeno Jack Cheese
1/2lb. Boar's head deli Turkey
1/2lb. Publix deli ham
London Broil
2 boxes popsicles
2 Stouffer's Family sized frozen dinners
4 boxes Boca Burgers
4 tubs Smart Balance spread
2 Lysol Bathroom Disenfecting spray
6 boxes Ronzoni Pasta
2 Chinette Napkins
2 Chinette Plates
4 Cover Girl cheekers blush
2 cartons Grape tomatoes

Total before in-store savings & coupons: $224.02
Total After in-store savings & coupons: $53.10

Month Long Deals Ending @ Walgreens This Week

Don't forget to grab these deals ending at the end of the month:

Cottenelle Toilet paper, 12 regular rolls, for $4 each. It's on sale for $5, use $1 off in-store coupon in Walgreens May savings booklet. If you haven't already grabbed the .50/1 manufacturers coupon here's a link: http://www.cottonelle.com/
This makes for a pretty sweet deal!

Carefree on the go pantyliners, 20-22 count, $0.99cents each. Use the $1.00 of any Carefree, from last weeks SS insert, to make these FREE! If you didnt score a paper last week you may still be able to find the $0.50 off manufacturer coupons that were hanging right in front of the pantyliners. Doesn't make them free, but still a good deal!

Heads Up on New Coupons

This is a reminder to all who use the internet to print coupons. Coupons.com, redplum.com, and smartsource.com will all be reseting and adding new coupons June 1st. Every month the coupons on these sites are reset and new ones are added and it's always the first day of the month. Be sure to grab yours early as some do run out!

And don't worry, I'll remind you again next week :)

CVS Fans

For all you CVS fans out there, I thought I would pass along a little tid bit of valuable information I recently discovered. Now, I'm not sure if this is the same for every store but according to mine, you can actually purchase the in-store ad items that begin on Sunday, get this....ON SATURDAY after 6pm! That's the night before the sales actually start! This is a huge advantage as an LDS since we dont shop on Sundays so by Monday morning the shelves have already been cleared.

Also, first time extracare e-mail subscriber will get a GREAT $4 off $20 in-store coupon instantly. You can set your printer to print as many as you would like, though I believe only one can be used per each total purchase. They do expire so only print what you will use.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Going Shopping

-Have your list & coupons ready & hit the store!

-Your first time will be very nerve racking especially at checkout time!
(expect to spend a few hours in the store at first)

-I like to have all my coupons with me incase I find deals not advertised, which is always

-Walk through your store as usual, getting the items on your list or adding items not on your list but making sure to write them down

-As you find what you are looking for “pull out” those coupons and place in a safe spot to use at checkout. Be sure you pull the right # of coupons to match the # of items you are getting

-check to be sure you are getting the right number of items & packaging sizes that is stated on your coupons

-it is important to find a “friendly looking” cashier. DO NOT go to anyone who looks like they are having a bad day, are contstantly watching the clock, or who are elderly. These cashiers tend to get annoyed. The lederly sometimes have difficulty reading the coupons & understanding store policies so it is best to avoid them to make for a more speedy checkout. The best are the “younger” boys & girls who work in the afternoons. They know the policies, they are fast, and they could care less how many coupons you have. The worst are the older ladies & the ederly.

-at checkout have cashier scan all your items first. (I dont even let them see my coupons until the end) this way you can be sure none get lost during the checkout process, and you can make sure & watch all the coupons scanned at the end

-check your reciept before you leave! Make sure all your coupons were scanned & let them know if there are any problems.

*This process takes practice & patience. But if you are up to the challenge you will succeed! One you “get it” you will not only save your family money but you will build a food storage & be able to put money away for other important or fun things.

Finding Coupons

Florida Today
Orlando Sentinel
Store ads
Online Sites

Coupon Printing Sites:
(These are sites you can visit to print coupons from your computer)

*You can also google the maufacturer or product name to find their official sites, and find coupons too.

*Most of these coupons will be maufacturer coupons but Target will have some of their “target web coupons” and Publix will also have some “store coupons” on their site. The first three listed will only have maufacturer coupons & special offers.

*On facebook.com you can type in the “search” area for different products and items, “like” their page and get coupons.

Coupon Matching Sites:
(These are sites that people have created to match up coupons to the stores ads for you. You can usually print these coupons right then unless it is matching a coupon from an insert that was in the paper. Sometimes the coupons are unavailable since they have been out for awhile so it is always best to try to find the coupons on your own BEFORE the ads come out, then use these sites to see the previewed ads & match your coupons to make your grocery list)
iheartpublix.com (matches coupons for Publix ads only)
southernsavers.com (matches coupons for several different stores)
savingwellspendingless.com (matches coupons for several stores)
totallytarget.com (matches coupons for target only)

Sites that have newsfeeds for new coupons/promotions/deals:
(These sites don't all match coupons but they do search for the deals for you. You can “like” most of them on facebook and then you will see updates from them in your newsfeed on your home page & never miss a deal)

*you can also subscribe to many maufacturer home pages and facebook pages to receive updates on promotions/coupons/deals. I know there are more then this too, but these are the main ones I use..

Free product samples sites:
(allows you to sign up & get free samples & coupons. It resets every few months so you can score more freebies & coupons)
Manufacturer Sites
Facebook Sites

Free $5/$25 purchase coupon:
(This site will allow you to sign up for their “smart shopper club” and automatically be able to print a $5/$25 coupon. This coupon is good at Publix and you can set your printer to print several of them. They do expire quickly so dont go overboard printing them. Also, refer 5 friends and get another coupon for each friend who signs up too! This also resets itself every few months allowing you to score more coupons)

How to Use Your Coupons

What are your coupons saying?
1 per person per item: this mean one coupon may be used on each of those items you are buying

1 per person per transaction: This means the same as above. One coupon may be used per item of the same item. The transaction is the one item being scanned NOT your total bill.

1 per person only: This means that the manufacturer is only allowing ONE coupon per person NOT per transaction or item. If you are able to print more then one then the purchases will need to be made on separate visits.

1 per household: This means one coupon is being given for each house, not each member of the house. If you print a coupon like this using your info & then say your husbands so you do get two coupons, you will not be able to use them together. The purchases will have to be made separately.

$1/2: Know the value of your coupon. This tells you how much the coupon is for and how many items you will need to purchase to use it.

*Remember that YOU need to read & know what your coupons are saying! You do not want to get to the register & find out you have a cart full of stuff & planned to pay for them with coupons you read wrong. Also, the coupons are very specific and on them they say if they are not reedemed properly by the stores then the store WILL NOT get paid by the maufacturer. This is VERY important! If the stores don't get paid for the coupons they are going to not except them! Make sure YOU & THE STORES are getting their deals! And PLEASE... be honest!

Publix coupon policy:
There is a corporate policy in the works which will be in effect as of June 2011, the new policy will be store wide with the exception of competitor coupons your store excepts which will be posted in each store & will vary per store. This is according to the store I shop at (Publix @ Palm Crossings)

Per item:
2 Coupons per item will be excepted (any 2 combinations listed below)
(per item includes BOGO items)
1 manufacturer coupon
1 store coupon (meaning one of theirs)
1 competitor coupon

Be sure to check your store for who they consider competitors. Because you can use 2 total coupons “per item” and Publix often has BOGO items this means you can use 2 coupons on your “buy one” item and 2 coupons on your “get one” item. This is the MOST ideal way to shop & will save you the most money!!

Winn-Dixie coupon policy:
Has a corporate coupon policy.

Per item:
1 store coupon (theirs)
1 manufacturer coupon

They DO NOT take competitor coupons.Winn-Dixie also does BOGO deals so you can use 2 coupons on your “buy one” item and 2 coupons on your “get one” item. Winn-Dixie also has a Winn-Dixie shopping card, which is free, and in order to get their in-store sale prices you MUST have this card! To get the best deals ring your order, then at the end scan your card, and then give the cashier your coupons.

Wal-Mart coupon policy:
Has a corporate policy.

Per item:
1 store (theirs)
1 manufacturer
1 Competitor

They will also match sales prices if you bring them the ads. They DO NOT have BOGO deals.

Walgreens coupon policy:
Corporate coupon policy.
Per Item:
1 store (theirs)
1 Manufacturer

DO NOT take competitor coupons. They have great in-store coupons though & one coupon can usually be used for up to 3 items. They also often have coupons around the store, stapled in a stack by items on sale, that you can tear off and use. Certain items gain you RR for your next purchase. They will allow you to ring your items that gain RR first, get your RR coupons, and then ring your other items & use the RR on them.

CVS coupon policy:
Corporate policy. Has a “card” that is free but you must have in order to get their ads sales.

Per item:
1 manufacturer

CVS DOES NOT except competitor coupons. Certain items do earn you “extra bucks” to be used on your next purchase. They also allow you to ring your items that earn you money first to earn the money and then do a separate order to use the extra bucks on that purchase.

Couponing Lingo

Manufacturer Coupon: This is a coupon from the manufacturer themselves, It will say “manufacturer coupon” on the top

Store Coupon: This is a coupon for an item from a particular store. Most Target coupons come from the website so it will say, “Target Web Coupon.” Publix Coupons will say, “Store Coupon, reedemable at Publix.” Sometimes a manufacturers coupon will say, “reedemable at dollar general.” That DOES NOT mean you can only use it at Dollar General. Some Publix coupons will actually say “manufacturers coupon” on them. Unless it says “redeemable ONLY at Publix, or ONLY at Dollar general, then you can use it anywhere.

Competitor Coupon: This is a coupon from another store that the store you are shopping at considers a “competitor.”

Insert: This is the coupon inserts from the newspaper

SS: This is the abbreviation for Smart Source, an insert in the Sunday paper. They also have a website.

RP: This is the abbreviation for RedPlum, an insert in the Sunday Paper. They also have a website.

P&G: Proctor & Gamble, has mailer & insert coupons on their products as well as a website

BOGO: Buy one get one free

B2G1: Buy two get one free

RR: Register rewards. Walgreens uses RR and they print it out for you.

Extrabucks: Money you earn from your purchases to be used on your next purchse. CVS uses extrabucks. You have to get a cvs card, which is free, and swipe it to get the deals and earn your extra bucks.

$1/2 (and the like): This means you get one dollar off of two items

Blinkie: This is a little smart source machine that are placed throughout the store, usually Publix, that distributes coupons. There are many in the store & you can take as many as you want/need.
Peelie: Coupons that are glued to items in the store & give you instant money off that item, or can be saved for another time

Hangtag: This is a coupon that is hanging form a jar or bottle in the store

Overage: This is the money you earn when your coupon exceeds the price of the item, giving you the item for free plus extra money to spend on other items. Overage MUST be used on the same visit. There are no store credits!

Stacking Coupons: This is refferring to the ability to use more then one coupon per item and varies per store policy
For ex:
1 store
1 maufacturer
1 competitor
1 store
1 maufacturer
1 store
1 competitor
Best case scenario is the first example mentioned & is rare to find all three.