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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week's Publix Savings

I was excited about ths weeks savings! Keep in mind I have a stock-pile now so I am mostly shopping for fresh produce, meats and things to add to my food-storage :) So if you don't see your everyday items on here, it's because I probably have them in stock :)

6 Juicy Juice 64oz bottles
6 Juicy Juice 6pack juice boxes
12 Arm & Hammer 6oz toothpaste
4 Orville Red popcorn
1/4lb. deli Jalapeno Jack Cheese
1/2lb. Boar's head deli Turkey
1/2lb. Publix deli ham
London Broil
2 boxes popsicles
2 Stouffer's Family sized frozen dinners
4 boxes Boca Burgers
4 tubs Smart Balance spread
2 Lysol Bathroom Disenfecting spray
6 boxes Ronzoni Pasta
2 Chinette Napkins
2 Chinette Plates
4 Cover Girl cheekers blush
2 cartons Grape tomatoes

Total before in-store savings & coupons: $224.02
Total After in-store savings & coupons: $53.10

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