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Friday, May 20, 2011

Going Shopping

-Have your list & coupons ready & hit the store!

-Your first time will be very nerve racking especially at checkout time!
(expect to spend a few hours in the store at first)

-I like to have all my coupons with me incase I find deals not advertised, which is always

-Walk through your store as usual, getting the items on your list or adding items not on your list but making sure to write them down

-As you find what you are looking for “pull out” those coupons and place in a safe spot to use at checkout. Be sure you pull the right # of coupons to match the # of items you are getting

-check to be sure you are getting the right number of items & packaging sizes that is stated on your coupons

-it is important to find a “friendly looking” cashier. DO NOT go to anyone who looks like they are having a bad day, are contstantly watching the clock, or who are elderly. These cashiers tend to get annoyed. The lederly sometimes have difficulty reading the coupons & understanding store policies so it is best to avoid them to make for a more speedy checkout. The best are the “younger” boys & girls who work in the afternoons. They know the policies, they are fast, and they could care less how many coupons you have. The worst are the older ladies & the ederly.

-at checkout have cashier scan all your items first. (I dont even let them see my coupons until the end) this way you can be sure none get lost during the checkout process, and you can make sure & watch all the coupons scanned at the end

-check your reciept before you leave! Make sure all your coupons were scanned & let them know if there are any problems.

*This process takes practice & patience. But if you are up to the challenge you will succeed! One you “get it” you will not only save your family money but you will build a food storage & be able to put money away for other important or fun things.

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