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Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-view Upcoming Publix Ad

Head over to iheartpublix.com to see the upcoming Publix ad for 5/26-6/1. If you are new to couponing, this is the site I highly recommend for planning your Publix shopping trips. Have your coupons near-by, go through the ad and using your "shopping list" (available to print from a previous post in this blog) begin writing down the item(s) you are interested in purchasing, the correlating sales/coupons/prices/etc. Any coupons iheartpublix has listed that are underlined means that you can print them then (as long as there are still some available). And remember you can always print (2) coupons. Now your ready for your shopping trip for the sale that starts on Thursday! Post a comment here if you have any questions or need help!

The Less Extreme Couponer

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