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Monday, June 20, 2011

GREAT article on Southernsavers.com

This is an amazing article if you are trying to figure out the "how-to's" of couponing. It is exactly what I try to convey to people!
I get approached by several people during my Publix shopping trips. I can always tell the people who "get it" and the ones who just don't. For example when someone comes up & asks me for advice or my opinion or wants to see how I organize my coupons, I know they do or are trying to get it and I LOVE helping them!! Don't ever hesitate to ask me I am always glad to help!

On the other hand, when someone approaches me & says, "Oh did you learn that from the TV show?" Or, "Are you one of those people from the TV?" Or even better yet, they jokingly look around and say, "Oh where's the camera crew, are you on TV?" Seriously people, your not only embarrassing me, but yourselves too. I am tempted one of these times just to say, "Oh, you look like one of those people who just sit around and watch TV." lol. That should keep them quite. heehee

So obviously there is a lot of skeptics when it comes to couponing. And unfortunately television, as usual, has not shed much positive light on it. So I love finding articles that truly represent what couponing is, what it can do for your family and how it can be a blessing to others as well. This is one of those articles! I hope you enjoy it & that it helps shed some light.

The Less extreme Couponer :)

Wal-Mart Frustrated

So in my earlier post, where I was so excited about my months totals so far, I mentioned I needed to make a trip to Wal-Mart for various items. Well, I made that trip & ended up leaving my entire cart behind out of frustration for the stores incompetence.
I have had several friends tell me about their very similar experiences but was yet to experience the frustration myself, as I normally stick to Publix, Walgreens and Target. But today I got a first hand taste!
At each & every register they have their coupon policy posted. It clearly states we take "Manufacturer" Competitor" and "Internet" coupons. But when I gave them my $1/1 Target Internet printed Band-Aid coupon, they refused it saying,"We only except manufacturer coupons." Really??? Even after showing her the sign & calling over a manager they insisted, "We only take manufacturer coupons." Are you kidding me???
Now I am gonna get a little mean here, I know Wal-Mart is an equal opportunity employer & that's great, but literacy should be a must!
I am taking Wal-Mart off any previous posts that include their coupon policy as they obviously do not abide by it & I refuse to support or promote a store that is not ethical.
I apologize to anyone who has had similar experiences as this & hope that together we can continue to save at stores that value their customers.
A BIG thank you to Publix & Target as I have NEVER experienced such an ordeal with them & shopping in their stores is always a pleasure.

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Soooo Excited About This Months Grand Totals

I am SO excited about my grand totals for this month that I am dying to give a little preview of what I have saved so far. As some know, I save ALL my receipts for each month. For awhile there I was feeling like I was at the store so much there was no way I was actually saving any money. Well, saving my receipts helped me to see that I was in fact buying A LOT more than usual but that I was also saving A LOT more then usual.
As my stock-pile grew & grew I am finally at the point where a missed deal/sale is no biggie & clipping coupons & matching them is a breeze. My grocery lists are smaller now & my total spending is significantly less.
This month I chose to only shop at Publix & am keeping to that except for one small Wal-mart trip I will need to make for some particular items. Here are my totals for this month, having only shopped at Publix:

Total I have spent this month so far: $146.06
(this total includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, household & food all purchased at Publix)

Divided by the 3 trips I have made = $49.00 (on average)

Totals savings between 3 trips = $372.54

*I have saved my family $372.54 this month!!!!*

People ask me all the time if my efforts are worth it. I think so! My goal is to get our spending on household,toiletries, cleaning supplies, and food down to $200.00 a month or less. I think I will go a little over this month, but we will see....

The Less extreme Couponer :)

New Publix Coupon Match-ups for 6/23-6/29

Head on over to iheartpublix.com to check out the coupon match-ups starting 6/23 at Publix. I like to preview the sales here so I have an idea of what coupons I need ahead of time. Then it gives me a few days before the sales start to print,cut,and organize them with my list!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

FREE Sample of Nivea Cashmere Bodywash

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The Less extreme Couponer :)

Publix Savings for 6/16-6/22

I wanna try something new when posting my grocery list this week. I would love your feedback to see if it is easier to understand. As my goal here is not to brag about what I bought and for how much, but to show readers what THEY can buy & for how much. So I am going to list the # of items, the item name, then the cost before sales/coupons, what the store sale was, the coupons I used per item and lastly the final costs. I am hoping this will give a better idea of how couponing works for me & can work for you too :) I can't promise I will be able to spend the time to do this every week as it takes not only going through my receipt but also my grocery list & trying to remember what coupons went with what items too. But I will certainly try if you think it helps!
By the way, I tell people all the time that there is a lot of mathematics involved with couponing and often times they look at me like I am crazy. lol. When you read my list below you will see how math is involved. But it does not take a genius to figure out the numbers, just a trusty calculator and a general knowledge of math. And the other MUST HAVE, is a good format for creating your list. If you do not already have one then you can see what I use by scrolling through my archives to "Shopping List." You can use mine, or create your own. But it is necessary in order to truly save. Don't ever go into the store "blind" as I call it. Know what you are getting & how much you are paying for it. Bring your calculator along so you can make changes in varying prices and/or add items such as produce. Good luck! And as always, let me know where I can help!
As a final note..check out the items I have an asterisk (*) before. These are GREAT stock-up prices! You might notice a lot of asterisks on my list. Most of what I shop for now are things to stock & restock my storage.

*4 Breyers Ice Cream
Reg Price=$5.99 x4=$23.96
(2)$.75/2 Manf Coupons and (2)$.75/2 Target Coupons =-$3.00
=$9.00 total or $2.25each

1 Yoplait Yogurt
$.75 no sale
(1) FREE Yoplait Manf Coupon

Publix Eggs
$1.69 no sale
no coupons
=$1.69 total

*2 Eggo's Waffles
Reg Price=$2.59 x2=$5.18
no coupons
=$2.58 total or $1.29 each

1 Tombstone Pizza
$6.15 no sale
(1) FREE Pizza Manf Coupon (From Hasboro Rebate)

**6 Smart Balance 1/2 Gal Milk
Reg Price=$3.09 x6=$18.54
on sale 2/$5=$15.00
(6)$1/1 Manf Coupons =-$6.00
=$9.00 total or $1.50 each (that's $3.00 a gallon for REALLY good milk!)

*4 Crystal Light Lemonade
Reg Price=$3.91 BOGO=$7.82
(2)$.75/1 Manf Coupons and (1)$1.50/3 Target Coupon =-$3.00
=$4.80 total or $1.20 each

2.4lbs Sweet Onions
$.79 per lb.
no coupons
=$1.90 total or $.47 each

2.4lb Bananas
$.69/per lb.
no coupons
=$1.66 total

**6 Gillette Mens Body wash
Reg Price=$3.50 on sale 2/$6=$18.00
(6)$2/1 Manf Coupons =-$12.00
=$6.00 total or $1.00 each

*4 General Mills Cereal
Reg Price=$3.49 BOGO=$6.98
(2)$1/2 Manf Coupons =-$2.00
=$4.98 total or $1.24 each

*4 Ocean Spray Bluberry Cocktail Juice
Reg Price $4.09x4=$16.36
BOGO= $8.18
used(4)$.55/1 Manf Coupons= -$2.20
=$5.98 total or $1.50 each

**4 Resolve Spray & Wash
Reg Price $2.99 x4=$11.96
used (4) $.75/1 Manf Coupons= -$3.00
=$2.98 or $.75 each

2 Baking Flour
no coupons
=$5.98 or $2.79 each

2 Baking Sugar
no coupons
=$6.78 or $3.39 each

2 Cheetos Crunch Chips
Reg Price $3.49 x2=$6.98
no coupons
=$3.49 or $1.75 each

1 Sun Chips
Reg Price $3.79
used (1) FREE Bag of Chips Manf Coupon

Grand Total BEFORE in-store sales/coupons= $169.62

Total AFTER special in-store sales= $108.32

Used (4) $5/$25 Save-a-lot coupons (if your store excepts)

Minus coupons used (including save-a-lot)= -$63.39

Total Cost= $44.93 (what I paid)

Total Savings= $124.69

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Check Out iheartpublix.com

So I am going to be TOTALLY lazy. Being that it is Father's Day, Sunday, and I'm feeling wayyyyy pregnant, I think I deserve it :) But I didn't want you to miss out on any great deals. So I was skimming through posts from the last couple of days on iheartpublix.com and found some really good deals. Some new coupons on target.com & and some facebook pages that will be having some freebies! Head on over to iheartpblix.com to check them out!
We are in the process of re-arranging our home to get ready for the new baby & it has not been an easy task. I am the kinda person that likes to start and finsih a project in one day and I can honestly say the work that nees to be done would be hard to accomplish completely in a weeks time! But that is my goal. In the mean-time that means less time couponing and sharing deals. I wish I could say I will get better but let's be honest here. I have two young children at home and an ever growing belly that is slowing me down more and more every day. it is probably more likely that I will become more neglegant then not. Sorry! :(
But I do promise that I was able to find some really great deals for this weeks Publix ad. (remember I am a bit behind from being out of town) And I am going to post them next chance I get! Promise! ;)