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Monday, June 20, 2011

Publix Savings for 6/16-6/22

I wanna try something new when posting my grocery list this week. I would love your feedback to see if it is easier to understand. As my goal here is not to brag about what I bought and for how much, but to show readers what THEY can buy & for how much. So I am going to list the # of items, the item name, then the cost before sales/coupons, what the store sale was, the coupons I used per item and lastly the final costs. I am hoping this will give a better idea of how couponing works for me & can work for you too :) I can't promise I will be able to spend the time to do this every week as it takes not only going through my receipt but also my grocery list & trying to remember what coupons went with what items too. But I will certainly try if you think it helps!
By the way, I tell people all the time that there is a lot of mathematics involved with couponing and often times they look at me like I am crazy. lol. When you read my list below you will see how math is involved. But it does not take a genius to figure out the numbers, just a trusty calculator and a general knowledge of math. And the other MUST HAVE, is a good format for creating your list. If you do not already have one then you can see what I use by scrolling through my archives to "Shopping List." You can use mine, or create your own. But it is necessary in order to truly save. Don't ever go into the store "blind" as I call it. Know what you are getting & how much you are paying for it. Bring your calculator along so you can make changes in varying prices and/or add items such as produce. Good luck! And as always, let me know where I can help!
As a final note..check out the items I have an asterisk (*) before. These are GREAT stock-up prices! You might notice a lot of asterisks on my list. Most of what I shop for now are things to stock & restock my storage.

*4 Breyers Ice Cream
Reg Price=$5.99 x4=$23.96
(2)$.75/2 Manf Coupons and (2)$.75/2 Target Coupons =-$3.00
=$9.00 total or $2.25each

1 Yoplait Yogurt
$.75 no sale
(1) FREE Yoplait Manf Coupon

Publix Eggs
$1.69 no sale
no coupons
=$1.69 total

*2 Eggo's Waffles
Reg Price=$2.59 x2=$5.18
no coupons
=$2.58 total or $1.29 each

1 Tombstone Pizza
$6.15 no sale
(1) FREE Pizza Manf Coupon (From Hasboro Rebate)

**6 Smart Balance 1/2 Gal Milk
Reg Price=$3.09 x6=$18.54
on sale 2/$5=$15.00
(6)$1/1 Manf Coupons =-$6.00
=$9.00 total or $1.50 each (that's $3.00 a gallon for REALLY good milk!)

*4 Crystal Light Lemonade
Reg Price=$3.91 BOGO=$7.82
(2)$.75/1 Manf Coupons and (1)$1.50/3 Target Coupon =-$3.00
=$4.80 total or $1.20 each

2.4lbs Sweet Onions
$.79 per lb.
no coupons
=$1.90 total or $.47 each

2.4lb Bananas
$.69/per lb.
no coupons
=$1.66 total

**6 Gillette Mens Body wash
Reg Price=$3.50 on sale 2/$6=$18.00
(6)$2/1 Manf Coupons =-$12.00
=$6.00 total or $1.00 each

*4 General Mills Cereal
Reg Price=$3.49 BOGO=$6.98
(2)$1/2 Manf Coupons =-$2.00
=$4.98 total or $1.24 each

*4 Ocean Spray Bluberry Cocktail Juice
Reg Price $4.09x4=$16.36
BOGO= $8.18
used(4)$.55/1 Manf Coupons= -$2.20
=$5.98 total or $1.50 each

**4 Resolve Spray & Wash
Reg Price $2.99 x4=$11.96
used (4) $.75/1 Manf Coupons= -$3.00
=$2.98 or $.75 each

2 Baking Flour
no coupons
=$5.98 or $2.79 each

2 Baking Sugar
no coupons
=$6.78 or $3.39 each

2 Cheetos Crunch Chips
Reg Price $3.49 x2=$6.98
no coupons
=$3.49 or $1.75 each

1 Sun Chips
Reg Price $3.79
used (1) FREE Bag of Chips Manf Coupon

Grand Total BEFORE in-store sales/coupons= $169.62

Total AFTER special in-store sales= $108.32

Used (4) $5/$25 Save-a-lot coupons (if your store excepts)

Minus coupons used (including save-a-lot)= -$63.39

Total Cost= $44.93 (what I paid)

Total Savings= $124.69

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

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