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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Publix Totals for sales week 6/9-6/15

I am REALLY excited about this weeks totals! I was out of town & didn't get into the store until late Wednesday night (before the new sales begin) so I was worried I would have missed everything. But I did great! Check out all the fresh produce I got!! Thanks to my friend Lorena I had $4 in produce coupons too! Here's how you can get yours:
Go to: www.stockingspree.com
Sign up and refer three friends via e-mail.Then they will send you an email containing your coupon for $2 off Publix produce. Make sure you print 2 of them!!

This week I decided to include the prices of the items before in-store sales/ coupons next to each item. This will give you an idea of what people pay who don't shop the sales & combine coupons with the sales. There is a HUGE difference in prices when you shop efficiently.

My Shopping List:
4 Captain Crunch Cereals $19.56
2 Boxes Nature Valley Trail Mix Bars $11.98
18 Pure Protein Bars $22.50
2 Packs Ball Park HotDogs $6.58
3 Dannon Dan-o-nino Kids Yogurts $6.00
Grapes $3.42
Kiwi Fruit $2.58
Nectarines $3.46
Baby Carrots $1.69
4 Bags Sarrgento Shredded Cheese $8.00
1/2lb Publix Honey Ham $3.43
1/2lb. Publix turkey Breast $4.00
Celery $1.69
Bananas $1.38
Plums $3.20
2 Smart BalanceSpreads $6.98
2 Simply Orange OJ $6.00
2 John Freida Hair Repair Sprays $15.98
2 Bottle Sauve Lotion $4.78
1 Bottle Rubbing Alcohol $1.49
1 Cocoa Butter Lotion $3.49
4 Hunt's Ketchup $7.40
4 Dial Body Wash $15.64

Total Before In-Store Coupons/Sales: $175.62
Total After In-Store Coupons/Sales: $40.88 (what I paid)
Total Savings: $134.74


  1. Faith, You Rock!!!! I'm excited when I save $23. Have to give you a lot of credit for being able to keep up with it and your 2 (and a half) boys.

  2. What was the deal on the John Frieda products? I used to use them exclusively in law school but obviously could not afford to keep that up! How are you feeling these days? Hope all is well!

  3. Thanks Denise! I have tried to respond a few times now & google wouldnt let me. I dunno whats up with that. Erin, They were not on sale. They were $7.99 each @ Publix. (I had missed the previous week when there was a sale on them) But I used a Target coupon & a Manufacturer coupon which brought them each down to $1.50!!! I am feeling good. Trying to get the house re-arranged & ready. Fun, fun! ;) How are you??