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Monday, June 20, 2011

Soooo Excited About This Months Grand Totals

I am SO excited about my grand totals for this month that I am dying to give a little preview of what I have saved so far. As some know, I save ALL my receipts for each month. For awhile there I was feeling like I was at the store so much there was no way I was actually saving any money. Well, saving my receipts helped me to see that I was in fact buying A LOT more than usual but that I was also saving A LOT more then usual.
As my stock-pile grew & grew I am finally at the point where a missed deal/sale is no biggie & clipping coupons & matching them is a breeze. My grocery lists are smaller now & my total spending is significantly less.
This month I chose to only shop at Publix & am keeping to that except for one small Wal-mart trip I will need to make for some particular items. Here are my totals for this month, having only shopped at Publix:

Total I have spent this month so far: $146.06
(this total includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, household & food all purchased at Publix)

Divided by the 3 trips I have made = $49.00 (on average)

Totals savings between 3 trips = $372.54

*I have saved my family $372.54 this month!!!!*

People ask me all the time if my efforts are worth it. I think so! My goal is to get our spending on household,toiletries, cleaning supplies, and food down to $200.00 a month or less. I think I will go a little over this month, but we will see....

The Less extreme Couponer :)

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