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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Publix Totals This Week

Ahh, I finally made it out to Publix on Friday night at 8:00pm! Not exactly what I wanna do after spending the week sick & the entire day cleaning, but it sounded more appealing then going Saturday morning. And as a matter of fact, this is the second week I have spent my Friday night at Publix! But I must say that shopping late Friday night has it's perks. I'll share a little secret with you...
Imagine you are a cashier, it's Friday night, 9:30pm. You have but 30 minutes until you can finally leave and go home. A lady comes through your line with a cart full of groceries & oh, no....COUPONS!!! She wants to separate her order into different transactions so that she can maximize on some of the coupons she has. What do you do??
Well, I can tell you what the cashiers at my store do. They say, "Just ring it all together & you can still use as many coupons as you want." And I say," Oh, why thank you so much! I truly appreciate that!" Win, Win!! :))

So here's this weeks totals:

2 aunt Jemima syrups
4 1/2 gallons minute maid OJ
2 perdue whole roaster chickens
2 jimmy dean maple ground maple sausage
1/4lb boars head honey ham (from deli)
1 package country pork ribs
6 packs nestle tollhouse refrigerator cookies
2 fresh express salad mixes
1 bag grapes
1 bundle bananas
4 boxes betty crocker fruit snacks
4 bags pepperidge farms swirl bread
2 swiffer wet refills
2 boxes corn pops
4 boxes frosted flakes
4 boxes honey nut cheerios
4 pack sponges

Total before in-store savings/coupons: $170.96
Total after in-store savings/coupons: $57.85 (what I paid)
Total savings: $113.11

And remember when looking at my grocery list, I am only buying what we need. If I'm not getting it, It's because we already have it & plenty of it!

Thanks to iheartpublix.com for the sales ad with coupon match-ups!

The Less Extreme Couponer :)

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