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Monday, June 20, 2011

GREAT article on Southernsavers.com

This is an amazing article if you are trying to figure out the "how-to's" of couponing. It is exactly what I try to convey to people!
I get approached by several people during my Publix shopping trips. I can always tell the people who "get it" and the ones who just don't. For example when someone comes up & asks me for advice or my opinion or wants to see how I organize my coupons, I know they do or are trying to get it and I LOVE helping them!! Don't ever hesitate to ask me I am always glad to help!

On the other hand, when someone approaches me & says, "Oh did you learn that from the TV show?" Or, "Are you one of those people from the TV?" Or even better yet, they jokingly look around and say, "Oh where's the camera crew, are you on TV?" Seriously people, your not only embarrassing me, but yourselves too. I am tempted one of these times just to say, "Oh, you look like one of those people who just sit around and watch TV." lol. That should keep them quite. heehee

So obviously there is a lot of skeptics when it comes to couponing. And unfortunately television, as usual, has not shed much positive light on it. So I love finding articles that truly represent what couponing is, what it can do for your family and how it can be a blessing to others as well. This is one of those articles! I hope you enjoy it & that it helps shed some light.

The Less extreme Couponer :)

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