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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Check Out iheartpublix.com

So I am going to be TOTALLY lazy. Being that it is Father's Day, Sunday, and I'm feeling wayyyyy pregnant, I think I deserve it :) But I didn't want you to miss out on any great deals. So I was skimming through posts from the last couple of days on iheartpublix.com and found some really good deals. Some new coupons on target.com & and some facebook pages that will be having some freebies! Head on over to iheartpblix.com to check them out!
We are in the process of re-arranging our home to get ready for the new baby & it has not been an easy task. I am the kinda person that likes to start and finsih a project in one day and I can honestly say the work that nees to be done would be hard to accomplish completely in a weeks time! But that is my goal. In the mean-time that means less time couponing and sharing deals. I wish I could say I will get better but let's be honest here. I have two young children at home and an ever growing belly that is slowing me down more and more every day. it is probably more likely that I will become more neglegant then not. Sorry! :(
But I do promise that I was able to find some really great deals for this weeks Publix ad. (remember I am a bit behind from being out of town) And I am going to post them next chance I get! Promise! ;)

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