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Friday, May 20, 2011

Couponing Lingo

Manufacturer Coupon: This is a coupon from the manufacturer themselves, It will say “manufacturer coupon” on the top

Store Coupon: This is a coupon for an item from a particular store. Most Target coupons come from the website so it will say, “Target Web Coupon.” Publix Coupons will say, “Store Coupon, reedemable at Publix.” Sometimes a manufacturers coupon will say, “reedemable at dollar general.” That DOES NOT mean you can only use it at Dollar General. Some Publix coupons will actually say “manufacturers coupon” on them. Unless it says “redeemable ONLY at Publix, or ONLY at Dollar general, then you can use it anywhere.

Competitor Coupon: This is a coupon from another store that the store you are shopping at considers a “competitor.”

Insert: This is the coupon inserts from the newspaper

SS: This is the abbreviation for Smart Source, an insert in the Sunday paper. They also have a website.

RP: This is the abbreviation for RedPlum, an insert in the Sunday Paper. They also have a website.

P&G: Proctor & Gamble, has mailer & insert coupons on their products as well as a website

BOGO: Buy one get one free

B2G1: Buy two get one free

RR: Register rewards. Walgreens uses RR and they print it out for you.

Extrabucks: Money you earn from your purchases to be used on your next purchse. CVS uses extrabucks. You have to get a cvs card, which is free, and swipe it to get the deals and earn your extra bucks.

$1/2 (and the like): This means you get one dollar off of two items

Blinkie: This is a little smart source machine that are placed throughout the store, usually Publix, that distributes coupons. There are many in the store & you can take as many as you want/need.
Peelie: Coupons that are glued to items in the store & give you instant money off that item, or can be saved for another time

Hangtag: This is a coupon that is hanging form a jar or bottle in the store

Overage: This is the money you earn when your coupon exceeds the price of the item, giving you the item for free plus extra money to spend on other items. Overage MUST be used on the same visit. There are no store credits!

Stacking Coupons: This is refferring to the ability to use more then one coupon per item and varies per store policy
For ex:
1 store
1 maufacturer
1 competitor
1 store
1 maufacturer
1 store
1 competitor
Best case scenario is the first example mentioned & is rare to find all three.

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